Critical Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Solar Power System

When choosing your solar power system, it is important to take into consideration the quality of that system. Using quality components from a reputable manufacturer will ensure long lasting performance and investment security in knowing that your system will continue to generate a high yield for at least 25 years.

The electricity generated from all solar panels will decline with time, however this decline can be alarmingly steep for cheap, poor quality systems (we have unfortunately seen panels and inverters that have had to be replaced within 1-5 years).

What may be an initial saving upfront, going for a budget solar system will often end up costing you more long term, due to the decline in electricity generated, servicing requirements and replacement of defective components.

There is also an increased safety risk with poor quality solar panels as deterioration under the harsh Australian sun can result in de-lamination of the solar panels, allowing water to penetrate the system and potentially causing a short circuit and fire.

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