Sunspark Solar and the owner Craig Chilcott …

As a qualified electrical contractor, I commenced my contracting business in 2007, installing the solar systems for the larger sales based, solar companies. My decision to start selling and installing solar systems came about due to my growing frustration with some of the unethical practices that are rife in the industry and the poor service and poor quality systems being sold to customers.

I was regularly required to install systems that I knew would not meet the performance requirements promised to the customer by a salesperson motivated purely by his commission. And I was angered having to install cheap, poor quality Chinese manufactured solar systems that I knew would breakdown within a few years and whose output would decline dramatically from the day I installed them. Unfortunately many companies that sell you a solar system subcontract out the installation process and it’s the subcontractor that ends up being “the meat in the sandwich” when it came to these issues.

Eventually I became so disillusioned and frustrated with the industry that I started…. Sunspark
At Sunspark, I wanted to provide an option for people who realize that the cheapest option is rarely the best value. Not only did I want to provide quality systems that would stand the test of time, but also as an installer with 5 years installation experience, I would be backing this up with a high standard of workmanship.