5 Reasons to choose Sunspark Solar for your commercial solar system…

1. A Solar System That Meets Your Need And Performs As Promised

With Sunspark Solar’s technical expertise and our philosophy of providing straight up honest advice, you can have confidence that your solar system will meet your needs and do what was promised (you won’t be paying for something you don’t need or doesn’t perform as indicated).

2. Designed To Maximise Your Investment Return

We understand the importance of obtaining key data from the electricity retailer to gain an accurate understanding of your energy use and when you use it, to determine the most effective size for your Photo Voltaic Solar system. Not just a one size fits all approach. This will maximize the financial returns to you and make sure you are not over investing.

3. Cash Flow Positive Financing Options

While a solar system is one of the best investments you can make with a payback from electricity savings usually achieved within 4-5 years (this represents a pretty impressive return of 20% p.a.), the initial outlay may not be within your budget. We provide attractive financing options such that the cost savings from your slashed electricity bill will exceed the financing costs – that makes it a bit of a no brainer doesn’t it?

4. We Handle The Entire Process From Design To Installation

We’re qualified to handle the entire process, from concept and design, through to installation and ongoing maintenance. We have all the required licensing and certifications to process all required electricity retailer and Western Power applications. What this means to you is a smoother process from design to install and only one point of contact in the unlikely event there are any problems.

5. Industry Best Practice Rather Than Australian Standard Minimum Requirements

It’s the small attention to detail that counts. We maintain an “Industry Best Practice” approach to our installations, not just the Australian Standard’s minimum requirement. Our technicians partake in a professional development program for designers and installers to maintain their current knowledge base and encourage continuous updating of skills and knowledge.